We’re searching for savvy property investors 
looking for a simple purchasing process.

Dear Investor,

I’m sure you would agree that funding your property investment deal and completing the transaction the traditional way is far too difficult and time consuming. The biggest complaint we hear is how much time and paperwork and unexpected delays are involved in the whole process.

Who has the time or patience for all that? Time is money, right?

The paperwork, negotiating, lender runaround… it’s all much more difficult than it should be. This is why we’re here. What if you could complete a stress free, time saving, amazing loan experience for your next project in as few as 30 days? And what if it included funding sources, consultations, negotiations, experienced advice and a team of people to assist you in building your property investment portfolio?

We work with great investors like you with integrity and an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit.  Please review and consider the enclosed proposal, then simply click on link at the end to schedule an appointment.

See you soon,

Property Investment Mortgage Group

Investors Earn More 
with Key Team Players!

We realize that as an investor, you wear many hats and the last thing you need is more work and challenges piled on you. Funding processed in a timely manner is essential to an investor and the growth of their portfolio.

The frustration of funding issues can be overwhelming, as well as an obstacle or challenge that slows your progress. Delays can often become the reason you lose a great deal.

These funding challenges never have to happen to you again. Even more, you can be set up with a line of credit or pre-approved funding limits to help quickly grow your portfolio or take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities.

How We Can Help You

With our streamlined funding system, “Clear to Close” in 30 days or less is simply our normal operating procedure.

A few simple questions will be asked to understand your needs are currently, we will send a request to all our lending sources throughout the nation. Within 48 hours, you will receive back the two or three best options for your needs.

We then gather all information required by the lender of your choice, then you probably won’t hear from us again until we ask you about the best closing date and time. Peace of mind is priceless!

As a team player in the funding arena and a vested interest in your success, we also provide council and negotiating to best help you earn more and help collaborate great deals… all at no cost to you.

We believe in providing outstanding service, utilizing our streamlined system that produces positive economic results that surpass our client’s expectations.

Our team is exceptional at finding solutions for our investors.

Highway to Stress Free Funding & Finding Investment Properties


One of our experienced team Members will contact you to introduce themselves and get to know you, what lane of investing you prefer and answer any questions you have. They will then prepare a scenario form based on the information you provide for the type of properties you prefer or any current funding needs.


We will send the information out to all our sources that work within the properties arena to find a match for you. If it’s a funding need, the info provided will be sent to all our national funding locations and we will receive their quotes back within 48 hours. Our team will match and send you the two to three best offers. If you have a need for any consultation, we can set that up for you as well.


Whether you choose a property, a funding source or a consultation appointment, we will get any or all in the works for you to proceed asap. You can spend more time on other needs, time with your family or whatever is priority for you.


Provide funding and close the first of many deals for you within our system. Set-up your credit line or pre-approved funding limits. Give council and consultation if you like. Help you negotiate a deal with sellers if needed… and more. We are all here for you and your success!

Investing with A Top Team of Professionals that Care About You

“Success is not a destination, it’s a journey and is a direct result of the efforts of
the individual and the support and encouragement of a person or persons”

– Zig Ziglar

We are all here as a team to provide all we can add to your success. We care about the people we serve and that makes a massive difference!


Points 2.25 max

App Fee $239.00

Consultations $0

Negotiations $0


Peace of mind, Time savings and Friendships built is Priceless

Make a Confident Decision… Proven Success Matters

At PIMG, we understand the challenges and frustration of how improper or time consuming funding can wear on an investor. With our “Clear to Close” system, that will be a thing of the past.

Our PIMG team has a common goal… to serve others with excellence.

If you work with Fix and Flips, we help put our clients in a position to bring the least amount of money to closing. And with lenders requiring minimal purchase needs that also cover up to 110% of rehab.

OR Fix and Holds where we can match lenders who are willing to go from 10 years to 30 years on and amortization schedule that will help you create more cash flow. We want all of our investors to receive the most cash flow out of their properties, while at the same time retaining a greater amount of equity.

Managing a portfolio? We have the ability to look at an investor’s portfolio and help ensure they are receiving the most from their investments.

More Benefits:

We are a multi-purpose lender and advisor. We help beginning investors who are just getting started, or the investor with just a few properties as well as the seasoned professional. With our experience within investment properties and funding, we help all types of investors reach and surpass their goals to heights they never thought were possible.

Let’s get going!

Commercial Real Estate

At PIMG, our highest priority is to serve you, our teammates, and our customers with excellence. We strive to make a significant positive difference in the lives of the people we work with, every day.

“PIMG was a great help! They helped us quickly find a dream multi-unit property and cash out for our first Fix & Flip deal.  We HIGHLY recommend Property Investment Mortgage Group.”
-Bill and Janet J.

“Property Investment Mortgage Group helped me easily refinance out of a huge balloon payment and I got a better loan that saved some money. Thank you PIMG!” 
-Andrew H.    

“I really appreciate PIMG. This was my second time working with them. They helped me find and purchase an investment property in Birmingham, AL and get a bridge Loan for my Fix & Flip in Atlanta, GA. These guys closed really fast too. Only 21 days!”  – Jamal C.

Ready For An Amazing Experience

Accept this offer to proceed by:

  • If you would like to schedule a time to get to know us so we can understand your needs and to answer your questions click here.
  • If you decide to proceed at any level, we will move forward as outlined with steps 1 through 4 as noted earlier.
  • If we do not hear from you within 3 days, we will follow up with a call.

If you decide to move forward, you and your decision will be treated professionally and in a serious, considerate manner.